Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is your IT Driving Innovation?

According to MIT Sloan economist and digital-business expert Erik Brynjolfsson in his inteview with MIT Sloan Management Review editor-in-chief Michael S. Hopkins, companies that implement business processes, organizational change, and IT-driven innovation is what ultimately differentiates the leaders from the others.

Brynjolfsson further indicates that: "Rather than leveling the playing field, IT is actually led to greater discrepancies. In most industries, the top companies are pulling further away from the companies in the middle and the bottom of the competitive spectrum."

How does an IT organization help to drive innovation?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Align priorities with those of the business
  • Streamline processes to become more effficient
  • Train IT staff to understand business timeframes and deadlines
  • Develop IT Services to assist the business in meeting those deadlines
  • Improve communication between key IT Staff and business customers
  • Abandon one size fits all IT services
  • Allow customers to select services that meet their departmental objectives
  • Become more agile and responsive to changing business needs

Sound easier said than done? According to Brynjolfsson, changing culture is probably the most difficult challenge for any organization.

ITIL for IT Service Management can help both with the mapping of IT priorities to those of the business as well as with the management of the organizational challenges sure to arise from as a result.

Every organization should invest in retaining an experienced ITIL Practioner/Consultant to ensure the employment of the most appropriate IT strategies. The key is the use of the word 'appropriate.'

IT is not a one size fits all solution. What works best in one organization is not guaranteed to work well in another. Unfortunately, the commission driven IT vendors sales staff are not inclined to follow this rule.

Getting the most out of IT requires the leveraging of existing capabilities to create a vision for future growth. Once an organization understands its capabilites (and weaknesses), then and only then can it create a climate ripe for innovation.

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ITIL & IT Service Management

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