Monday, March 15, 2010

ITIL Tip of the Day!

When implementing ITIL processes, the importance of selecting the right people to lead the way cannot be understated. In fact, having the right people, with the right skills in the right roles is probably the single greatest contributor to getting the most out of ITIL and Service Management as a whole.

The person selected for the role of Process Manager should generally have the following characteristics:
  1. Be able - this means, this person knows the subject area very well. They either have prior experience in the individual process area or have been certified atleast at the intermediate level (or practioner) within the appropriate capability stream. Remember, this is a leadership role. The failure of any leader to fully understand the subject matter only serves to undermine his/her authority, influence as well as the ultimate success of the process.
  2. Be available - standing up a new process is a significant undertaking. Generally, it requires a significant time commitment on everyone's part. This is especially true in the inital implementation stages. Double and triple booked resources, assigned the responsibilty of process manager, is simply a recipe for disaster. I can't tell you how many times, implementations have been delayed or stalled altogether due to yet another 'emergency project.' To keep the momentum moving forward, free up bandwidth from Process Managers by distributing some of their day to day workload to other team members.
  3. Be part of a larger team - somewhere along the way, a rumor was started that one person can implement and manage an entire process. This is just wrong headed. Implementing processes is a collaborative effort and as such required input, cooperation and participation from cross-functional teams. One guy, or girl, simply cannot stand up an entire process alone. If resources are an issue, as is often the case in smaller organizations, start with one process at a time. Build consensus across teams in terms of process, goals, procedures and responsibiltites. Develop sound metrics and reports to measure progress. Once the process is stable, start with process number two. Continuously review the process and repeat.

Use these three tips to get your processes started off on the right foot.

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