Sunday, March 29, 2009

ITIL V3: Improvement or clever marketing scheme?

The premise is that ITIL V3 is just a repackaging of the V2 best practices and marketing to unsuspecting business customers as something shiny and new.

The best consulting firms realized long ago that the Service Management and ITIL concepts cannot be effective if deployed in a vacuum. This is why these firms have developed their own integrated frameworks which include the service management process areas.

To the consultants from these firms, there is nothing new or revolutionary about V3. Only lots of people discussing and penning articles on the "service lifecycle" when many of them don't even know the difference between an Incident and a Problem.

Consultants do their clients a disservice by selling them "benefits of V3" without properly solidifying their foundation in the very sound principles described in V2.

The value delivered to the customer trumps all. However, very few consultants actually deliver the value promised. It doesn't matter whether they are using V2 or V3. Does it help the customer to make better sense out of its use of IT? IT doesn't exist in a vacuum. It only exists to deliver the appropriate amount of value to business users and customers.

So sure, its a clever way for consulting and training companies to make money, but is it in the best interest of customers when there is so much that can be achieved by partnering with experienced consultants who are very well versed in the priciples outlined in the full V2 serivce management library?

This is especially important as consulting and training budgets contract. Instead of spending those limited dollars on additional training, the greatest value provided to customers is in helping them to get the most value out of the processes they've already implemented.

ITIL & IT Service Management

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