Monday, February 02, 2009

ITIL's Latest Translations Titles and Glossaries - Available Now!

German and Japanese Translated Core Lifecycle Suite PDFs plus French Introduction

The core ITIL titles have been commissioned and structured to be read as a five title series, each building on the work of the other. Now translated into German and in PDF format, these titles reflect the lifecycle of services encompassing the entire spectrum of people involved at any stage of the framework. So, without being the prime audience, everyone involved will benefit from access to the entire library.

A PDF allows for easy access while you're on the move:
  • Single user
  • Non-networkable
  • Basic downloadable PDF: searchable with a bookmarking function
Once downloaded the PDF is permanently stored on your PC. It can be used on another PC provided Adobe reader 6.01 or Adobe 7 has been installed, and by setting up a .Net Passport from the DRM activator site.

German Translations

ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite PDFs (German Translation)

Japanese Translations

ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite PDFs (Japanese Translation)

French Translation

The Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle Book (Hard copy)

ITIL Glossaries

The ITIL glossary has now been translated into Arabic, Dutch and Hungarian.

ITIL & IT Service Management

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