Friday, January 09, 2009

Research Indicates Continued ISTM Growth in 2009

According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report: 2009 Trends and Best Practices Advice for ITSM Technologies and Processes, CIOs will advance ITSM programs to better align IT with business drivers.

In its final research survey of 2008, EMA polled 143 IT professionals with knowledge and direct involvement in IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives and asked them about current and future approaches to both technology and process, analyzed what has been successful and unsuccessful to date, and solicited best practices advice. Completed in December 2008, the survey also focuses on economic issues - how to make ITSM maturity progress in challenging times.

EMA believes that 2009 will be a pivotal year for IT executives. A careful balance between fiscal pragmatism must be weighed against the escalating challenges of IT – increasing complexity in the infrastructure, unprecedented user demand for new services, the expectation of continual, sub-second response times, etc. Indeed, successful CIOs will earn their pay in 2009 by advancing ITSM maturity while keeping a careful eye on business drivers and the corporate balance sheet.

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