Monday, December 08, 2008

Despite crisis, IT outsourcing poised to grow

Sunil Mehta, country manager of Quint Wellington Redwood believes that though the global financial crisis may be leading to doomsday scenarios being painted, that the actual impact will be minimal. He indicates, in this interview with Tabrez Khan, that infrastructure outsourcing will in fact grow. Sunil also elaborates on various trends in outsourcing and suggests ways CXOs can make better sourcing decisions.

In his brief interview in CXO Today, he addresses the Quint presence in the Indian Service Management space, recent trends in outsourcing and the impact of the world financial crisis on the current sourcing model.

For a full transcript of the interview, visit Quint Wellington Redwood.

ITIL & IT Service Management

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Quillan said...

Outsourcing is when you hire outside professionals or services to take on part of your business workload. You may want to outsource part of your work because you don't have the room, you need an expert, you have periodic busy periods, or you need more production to get orders out on time, etc. There are many ways outsourcing can save your business time and money.