Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where should you start with Release Management?

Believe it or not Wikipedia has become one of the best sources of information on the Internet for ITIL. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of Release Management . This information can be particularly useful to those new to the ITIL concepts.

The figure below (from Wikipedia) "...outlines the basic steps that constitute a “Release Management” process. In this diagram the movement of a Release from left to right depicts progress through various environments (Development, QA and Production), each of which is a distinctive operating environment that progressively seeks to replicate Production conditions and functions separately from the other although they leverage common methods for promoting a Release between them. It is important to note that the figure below does not reflect certain environments (e.g. Sandbox and pre-Production) which exist in more mature operations."

Other IT Service Management Process areas covered by Wikipedia include: Configuration, Change, Incident, and Problem Management. There are also several entries on ITIL in general.

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