Friday, February 15, 2008

Value of ITIL “Manager” Certification-(Update - Link fixed!)

Nouri Associates, Inc.
Research Report
Hamid Nouri
Date: February 2008

CONCLUSION: Despite the introduction of ITIL Refresh (v3) in 2007 and the new Qualification Scheme, the ITIL v2 Manager course is still the most rigorous and comprehensive course available for aspiring ITIIL Managers. The course is designed to help the student develop the soft and hard skills required to navigate the perilous journey in making ITSM adoption a worthwhile endeavor within the organization they serve.

ANALYSIS: We have all heard about the challenges and potential benefits in bringing in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and the IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to an organization. There are certainly a lot of trade publications that have covered this subject at length in the past 3 to 5 years in US. The common thread among these articles is the cultural challenges that have to be overcome in order to make an ITSM program have a positive payback for the organization. NAI’s experience in supporting these types of initiatives has shown that the primary difference between successful and failed ITSM initiatives is the quality of leadership in charge of the program. Granted that even the most experienced leaders and managers cannot guarantee the required top management support, an ITSM Manager’s ability to secure that support is a critical differentiator.

Under the ITIL v2 certification scheme, the ITIL Manager Certification is the course designed to help prepare a candidate to take on this challenge. The ITIL v2 Manager course is an intensive 10 days of classroom / workshops using case studies, assignments, presentations and debates to prepare the candidates to successfully lead an ITSM program within an organization. The classroom sessions and workshops are then followed by 2 days of reviews and 2 three hours, five questions, essay exams. The quality of the experience is of course very much driven by the knowledge and experience of the instructor to make the concepts real and relevant. A handful of Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) use experienced ITSM consultants with teaching experience, rather than educational experts with a focus on the theoretical knowledge, to ensure that the students get the maximum benefit from the time invested.

ITIL v2 Certification Scheme
Updates to Gartner’s research ("Experienced ITIL Consultants Are Few and Far Between" Simon Mingay, Milind Govekar) on availability of ITIL savvy resources continues to show a short fall in the supply of experienced and certified consultants and IT professionals for the level of growth in interest experienced in the US and the broader global market.

Mr. Nouri continues to expand on the importance of the ITIL Service Manager's certification.

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