Monday, February 18, 2008

ITIL Certified? Register on The ITIL Open Guide Website

Certified IT Service Management, have you registered with the ITIL Open Guide?

According to the website, "This site represents a community effort to explain and document ITIL as simply as possible."

Despite the stated mission, I was unable to find much useful information on the site. However, the one interesting thing about the site is that it maintains a running list of certified ITIL Professionals for several countries.

ITIL Australia
ITIL Belgium
ITIL Brasil
ITIL Canada
ITIL France
ITIL Germany
ITIL India
ITIL Ireland
ITIL New Zealand
ITIL Netherlands
ITIL Mexico
ITIL Philippines
ITIL South Africa
ITIL Spain
ITIL Switzerland
ITIL Trinidad
ITIL United Kingdom
ITIL World (For territories not yet listed above)
ITIL Unassigned

The site also maintains the ITIL Certification Register.

This register is arranged into three sections, one for each type of certification. If you are certified, you are invited to add your name and related details to one of the lists below:

The ITIL Foundation Certificate
The ITIL Practitioners Certificate
The ITIL Managers Certificate

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