Friday, February 15, 2008

CMDB or Configuration Database:Know the Difference

Gartner weighs in on the differences between the CMDB & Configuration Management :

With all vendors offering a configuration management database strategy and few offering true CMDB capability, it is critical to know the difference between a CMDB and a configuration database.


Not all configuration repositories are configuration management databases. A CMDB is a special-case database that must have four critical functions, which distinguish the CMDB from other tools. Reconciliation will ensure the data is coalesced – avoiding duplicates and enabling matching of configuration items from different sources.

Federation will bring in multiple data sources directly and by linking to sources. Mapping and visualization will enable a peer-to-peer and hierarchical view of the CIs. Synchronization will ensure the same version of the truth across integrated systems.

Finally, access controls are not a new function or one of the four distinguishing functions of CMDBs, but access controls will need to be addressed differently in CMDBs than in other management tools.

Access controls will ensure only the right administration changes are made to the schema and access is monitored at a CI level. Tools marketed as CMDBs that do not have all four critical functions will require significant human resources to build them in.


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