Monday, January 14, 2008

ITIL Implementations - Start with Service Level Management?

Another interesting but generic article from Computer Associates on ITIL. This time the focus is Service Level Management. My guess is CA has a new SLA tool and is trying to use this article to garner interest.

The author recommends starting ITIL programs with SLM. However, in doing so, he demonstrates his lack of understanding of ITIL basics.

Service Level Management requires that an IT department actually understands the level of service they can consistently deliver before entering into SLAs with business customers.

This means that Incident and Change Management processes must first be clearly established to a certain level of maturity. This level of maturity is the level where the output of the processes is not only defined but can also be managed and controlled.

Without these processes at a sufficient level of maturity, it will nearly impossible to promise a consistent and stable level of service to business customers.These points are often lost on those claiming to have years of experience "implementing ITIL."

Chances are, that the processes that have been implemented without a clear understanding of process maturity and the interrelationships that must exist between processes have little or no value to the business.

While Mr. Bucalo makes good points regarding SLM, its difficult not to when it is discussed at such a high level. This article like many others by those new to IT Service Management, is selling ITIL in name only. In doing so, it contributes to the growing cynicism about the effectiveness of Service Management in general.

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