Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Is ITIL V3 Training Worth the Cost?

The latest version of ITIL emphasizes knowing how an organization will service a system before it's built. But to get the full benefits of these best IT practices takes a lot of training. And a lot of cash. I wonder, how many will be able to afford the cost as well as the time away from work? Has the new training scheme created by vendors backfired? I've always seen V3 as nothing more than a concerted effort by tool and training vendors to make more money. The only thing wrong with V2 is that so many of those who claimed to, simply did not understand it. V3 does not offer a "different" approach. It merely incorporated and then repackaged the knowledge contained in the other books in the library into the new 5 book set.As an ITIL practioner, it is very frustrating to hear so many people say that V3 represents some kind of revolutionary new approach to Service Management.It's simply untrue.

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