Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hiring an Experienced IT Service Management Professional

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Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Certified Service Management Professional:

Many companies believe that they can implement and manage a successful service management program without the right people with the right qualifications. A successful service management program cannot be designed and managed by someone with only a Foundation's, certificate. Furthermore, no certificate, no not even the Master's certification is a guarantee of success.

Successful Service Management programs have to be designed, created and implemented by a seasoned professional. This should be someone who has at least 3 years of hands on management consulting experience.

Additionally, this experience should be within a firm that has at least 10 years experience implementing Service Management within multiple organizations of all sizes and across several industries. Preferably, this consulting company should also have a great deal of competence in the discipline of Organizational Change.

Only then can customers be sure that consultants have the right amount of real world experience to effective diagnose and ultimately prescribe the appropriate remedy necessary for success.

Practical consulting experience and in depth knowledge of ITIL best practice principles are critical to effectively jump start a Service Management program - which should include performing initial assessment, create process strategy, preliminary process definition, implementation road map and conduct follow up audits. Additionally, a consultant can also be very helpful with consensus building and to lend credibility to the program.

While a consultant is unnecessary for management of the day to day process related activities, in the end, having the right consultant from the start is crucial to the success of the entire endeavor.

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